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Love that I can update my website content via the instagram app. No need for complicated resizing etc when publishing new photos. My passion is aquascaping. This is basically a design hobby, all about photography to show off my passions.

Favorite Feature: Linking directly to Instagram


Instagram is fast becoming a really important marketing tool and to be able to link our online store directly is a huge benefit. I would highly recommend SnapWidget as the customer service is excellent, app is easy to install and feature rich with a really professional look... Keep up the great work!

Favorite Feature: Shoppable


It allows to interrelate the most reflective part (that of the blog) with the more informal and carefree part (that of instagram), so that they are complementary.

Favorite Feature: Linking directly to Instagram

Francesc Boldú Martínez

I added the Instagram sliding scrollbar to my home page of my website, it showcases my products allowing visitors to see with ease what my business is about. It adds a sense of professionalism. It was simple to add allowing me to focus on other areas of my business without having to know about coding and taking up too much time.

Favorite Feature: Easy to install


I love that SnapWidget helps me to throw an Instagram feed on my website with no hassle - for someone who is not techy in the least, it was SO helpful!! SnapWidget has brought more followers from my website to my Instagram, resulting in better views and higher follower count!

Favorite Feature: Easy to install

Liv Tchinnis

I never need to think about updating the gallery on my website, and the widget helps build my social media following by directing visitors to my Instagram.

Favorite Feature: Linking directly to Instagram


SnapWidget has been the perfect solution for helping us at PushFar with social media integrations. The customisation abilities are perfect for the quick, easy and adaptable solution which can help our website look professional, sleek and highly-engaging.

Favorite Feature: Custom CSS

Ed Johnson

The scrolling feed of's Instagram on all pages of our website not only adds an element of dazzle, it also generates new likes and followers for our Instagram account. is seeing a ton of referral click traffic on a daily basis from the Snapwidget images.

Favorite Feature: Linking directly to Instagram

Lourdes Mestre

True to its name, SnapWidget is a snap to use. I was able to create and adapt widgets that fit my website's needs.

Favorite Feature: Customization

Matthijs Wensveen

Love the easy installation - simple and to the point. My instagram feed looks amazing on my site!

Favorite Feature: Easy to install

Mariah Milan

The feature helped to increase my followers. It's simple and perfect! Increasing followers, I gained more visibility for the blog.

Favorite Feature: Linking directly to Instagram

Carol Ribeiro

It is really easy to customize SnapWidgets to blend with the look-and-feel you've chosen for your site. It gives a professional look while adding very useful functionality.

Favorite Feature: Customization

Michael Bell

With a couple lines of code paired with the Snapwidget website, I literally had the feed on my site in a few minutes. The options and pricing make it a non-debate, best way to show an Instagram feed on your website!

Favorite Feature: Easy to install


I previously need to upload pictures to the website to showcase the food and happenings. I also had to upload the same pix to Instagram. Sometimes I forget and upload new pix on instagram only. With SnapWidget, whatever I upload on Instagram is shown automatically on my website, freeing my precious time to do more important things!

Favorite Feature: Linking directly to Instagram

Nik Adlin Fariz

Love this feature on my website! So convenient and easy! It’s helped me to reconnect with my crew!

Favorite Feature: Easy to install


Snapwidget was so easy to use! So thankful for the clear instructions and help when I needed it!

Favorite Feature: Easy to install

Monette Sheridan